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Our unique dietary cost management suite empowers our clients to provide better and more efficient care to their residents. This personalized technology identifies and monitors performance for lasting, consistent success of long-term care providers, nursing homes, hospitals, and correctional institutions. Our online resources can be accessed from anywhere 24 hours a day, allowing food service directors, administrators, and owners to have constant access their dietary information.


Information is power! Our intuitive software suite provides a series of fully integrated online applications that offer menu, ordering, inventory, tray cards, weight watch, supplement labels, reporting, and cost management tools. This technology – and the ongoing training SourceTech provides – empowers staff with efficient, effective, cutting-edge tools to help improve resident outcomes and gain control of dietary cost.

Our Menu Center software allows users to review their customized menu with our on-staff dietitians and to produce important menu reports & printouts. Our Client Info software provides an easy-to-use, efficient platform to maintain resident dietary information, track weight information, and produce tray cards, menu tickets, and nourishment labels.

Our Order Center & Inventory Tracker software allows users to simply and efficiently create purchase orders that combine menu, resident, and inventory information to automatically identify items and quantities needed. Throughout the ordering process, our Budget Checker tool communicates budget limits and status. Our Inventory Assistant handheld app alleviates many of the challenges that exist with traditional, time-consuming inventory processes. By standardizing the inventory process and connecting facility purchasing to the inventory, menu, order guide, and resident data all contained in our software suite, the SourceTech system is uniquely capable of achieving a level of predictability and control required to fulfill budgetary goals.

Our Financial Center software allows users at all levels to analyze financial data using SourceTech’s Financial Reports. Our parternship with dietary vendors used within the system allows us to provide Electronic Invoicing for real-time flow of financial data. Related services like A/P Export and other Data Integration services are also available.

Our software tools are backed by our firm commitment to supporting users with proper training and assistance. For convenient reference, context-sensitive Help Documentaion exists across all applications with topics covering all features, while video tutorials are available for many key areas of the software. Our online system provides the ability to submit requests, concerns, or questions at any time and phone support is always available.


One of the highest costs in the healthcare industry is the cost of food. Our experienced staff reviews the products and makes sure the correct products from the appropriate manufacturers and suppliers are purchased at a competitive price for the right outcome. Quality purchasing provides residents with restaurant-grade meals that have the highest level of menu selection, variety, and flavor. This results in overall higher resident satisfaction.

With our Distributor and Manufacturer Network, iit/SourceTech offers monitoring services to ensure our clients receive the best priced quality products for their menu. It is our mission to negotiate guaranteed delivered prices with manufacturers on the highest moving products our clients purchase. By doing so, we can better control procurement cost on the majority of overall purchase volume, providing an enhanced opportunity for budget attainments.

See Affiliates for our Distributor and Manufacturer Network.

Our Menu and Culinary team knows the importance paying close attention to price, products, preparation and presentation to accomplish predictability and consistency. Our expertise results in best practice procedures and protocols through our menu & recipe development, and extended into our In-Service support and QA visits.

Our menu and nutrition program not only encompasses hard copy menus and menu software, but also integrates manufacturer products and specified items that are reviewed extensively for price, nutrition, quality, and taste. Building on this, we partner with our clients to adjust menus and recipes to ensure the best fit for each situation.

Together, these services combine the best in menu & recipe design, culinary guidance, product specifications, and manufacturer product placement to provide the best solutions possible to meet client goals. iit/SourceTech also offers numerous value-added services and programs designed specifically to combat the issues found in healthcare:

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Product prep and cooking in-services provided by SourceTech Dining Solutions Specialists
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