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Serene Health Services

Serene Health Services

Serene Health Services provides excellence in housekeeping and laundry to the healthcare industry.

We are recognized for our golden standard in cleanliness and customer service. Serene health services is a company that offers a competitive and technologically advanced cleaning program to the healthcare industry. Our up to date cleaning machinery will leave your facility fresh, smell free, and immaculately clean.

At Serene Health Services we value the opportunity to properly service you. Serene Health Services takes pride in its customer service program. We are not just there to clean your facility we are your partners in supreme healthcare quality. While we highly train and in-service our staff about healthcare we also train our staff to think hotel. We instill an uncompromised pride in our staff that trickles down to the care and customer service that is provided.

All our employees are in-serviced and highly trained to meet high healthcare standards. This includes, regular monthly in-services and meetings to constantly lift the quality and level of care.

While our standards are high we are constantly growing and working together with administrators and consultants to offer a better product. We consider growth and excellence in care, a continued work in progress.