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OMS Rehab is a medical and rehabilitation equipment supplier. The company started out providing rehabilitation equipment to long term care facilities as a subsidiary to a larger medical equipment distributor. OMS experienced success in the rehabilitation market and split off into its own entity.

OMS Rehab now provides the #1 Therapeutic Modality Program in the country for Long Term Care facilities. OMS has found other ways to provide value to Healthcare Facilities as well. OMS Rehab provides Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, Support Surfaces / Specialty Mattresses and other needed equipment to Healthcare Facilities.

OMS Rehab also works with patients directly as an accredited and Medicare approved provider of Orthotic Devices. The company works with patients who are referred by their Doctor, Therapist and other Medical Professionals.

The OMS Rehab Executive Team has over 40 years combined experience in the industry. The company has created competitive advantages though efficient processes and investment in technology. OMS Rehab focuses on customer service, providing superior products and ultimately creating value for our partners and clients..


Mission Statement
OMS Rehab offers top of the line Rehabilitation and Medical Equipment while offering exceptional customer service, support and high ethical standards to our patients, clients and the healthcare community.


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