Infinity | MedAssure



Comprehensive Service
MedAssure offers a full menu of regulated medical waste disposal solutions, from collection to final disposal and everything in between. This includes: timely pickups, transportation, treatment, disposal, compliance assurance and documentation. MedAssure even provides valuable OSHA-compliance training for a nominal fee.

Quick and Efficient
MedAssure operates multiple Medical Waste Treatment Facilities and numerous Transfer Sites to quickly and efficiently process your healthcare waste.

Cost Effective
MedAssure customers pay at least 15% less for treatment of regulated healthcare waste.

Customer Service
MedAssure provides unparalleled personal customer service, treating each client, regardless of whether it is a large quantity or small quantity generator, with the same individual attention.

Environmentally Friendly
MedAssure provides Low-energy consumption processing, greatly minimizing our Carbon Footprint. Our Treatment Facilities use state-of-the-art technology that is completely emissions-free, without chemical treatment or incineration.

Compliance Plus
MedAssure’s healthcare waste services exceed all regulatory standards, giving you security and peace of mind.