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MBS (Part B Supplies)

MBS (Part B Supplies)

Specializing in Medicare Part B Benefits and Supplies

At MBS, we strive to assure that you get all the Medicare benefits that you are entitled to receive. MBS is the only name you need to know for fulfillment of your Medicare Part B benefits and supplies.

Staffed by highly trained professionals

MBS employs professionals such as registered nurses who gather weekly data and who gladly make their expertise available to you and your staff. Our highly trained staff of professionals focus on accurate documentation and delivery follow-through. MBS systems and staff will ensure that the greatest possible number of patients are covered under Medicare Part B by communicating when something is lacking or can be tweaked

Accredited by the Compliance Team

For your peace of mind, MBS is accredited by the Compliance Team, recognized by the Center for Medicare Services.

Wide contract coverage

MBS covers more HMO residents than any other Part B provider. Currently, we can receive payments from more than fifty HMO contracts, minimizing out-of-pocket facility payments. This can translate into a savings of $600 per HMO resident!